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Ngima Nuru Sherpa[Managing Director]

Ngima Nuru Sherpa

Ngima Nuru Sherpa, born in Eastern Part of Nepal, a small mountain village of Hewa, 2600m, in the remote Solukhumbu district, in the Mount Everest region, is the founder and Managing Director of Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. He has been working tirelessly in this field for 15 years. As a Himalayan trekking guide, he is very experienced and has been leading treks over all the major trekking routes in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim since 2000.

Ngima started his career as a tour-guide working with several reputed companies in this sector. After a long hard journey gaining experience and understanding of both tourism and tourists, he fulfilled his dream of starting his own company where he could provide better services for the tourists and better working conditions for the staff. A team suffering from difficult working conditions and insufficient pay can not be attentive to the tourists’ needs. By providing rewarding working conditions for his team, the team-spirit is high, and they happily work for the satisfaction of the clients. Ngima is proud that Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expedition has earned a reputed name in the tourism sector.

Ngima is an optimistic and positive person with a love for nature and the outdoors and boundless energy which has helped him to be a successful entrepreneur in this industry.  He  loves to share his knowledge and experience with others. He has successfully organized treks and expeditions for clients from around the globe and he is still exploring new destinations and  routes.

Ngima spent his childhood in Hewa. Being the son of a farmer, he learned to work hard from an early age. It was very challenging to strike a balance between work and study at that time. Nevertheless, his strong determination to acquire an education didn’t wane. He successfully completed his general education in Hewa village.

He came in Kathmandu at the age of 15. His family background was very poor so he needed a job for survival and to support his education. His early days in Kathmandu were a struggle for survival. Sharing a small room with four other friends and worrying about where every rupee was to come from for the fees at Tuition were some of the painful circumstances that taught him the endurance and patience he needs to run his own company. It also taught him compassion, he is happy to be able to provide employment opportunities to others struggling to get started in life.

"While I was a young porter, I used to carry 40 kg loads. My clients they used to love me because I was youngest in the team and was sincere, hard working and punctual. They didn’t know that the salary I earned was scarcely enough for my food. Because of the heavy load, I needed dry food for energy on the trail. Like many, I didn’t have other work opportunities, so I did it. I often used to help in the lodges, serving or cleaning the kitchen, for which they provided me free food. This allowed me to save a few rupees for my education. That was in 1998."

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Karen Boyd-Ale[Office Manager]

Karen Boyd-Ale

Karen started trekking into remote areas of the country when she worked with an INGO during the armed conflict in Nepal.   With just a sleeping bag and change of clothes in the pack on her back, she walked for days through the mountain villages of the Karnali, in the western part of Nepal.   The poor but hospitable people were always willing to share their homes and food in areas where there were no guest houses.  She was smitten by the beautiful landscapes and overwhelmed by the harsh reality of life for these gentle but resilient mountain people who live in a world that is, in some cases, centuries behind her home country of Canada. 

Feeling enriched by her own experience, Karen wanted to have a part in a sharing the loveliness of Nepal with people from around the world, in a way that would benefit the local economy, which depends heavily on tourism.  That is to say, benefit the people of Nepal without taking advantage of the inexperience of tourists.   Karen found a way to fulfill her dream when she was introduced to Ngima, the Managing Director of Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. Ngima’s refreshingly honest business policies, dedication to clients and respect for his own staff are a rare entity.  By supporting a Nepal-based company, there is a two-fold benefit: the income generated stays in Nepal, and clients get best-quality services at the lowest-cost.  

Having lived in Nepali since 2002, Karen speaks fluent Nepali and has a good understanding of the dynamics of the country and its people.

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Gelju Sherpa[Mountaineering Guide]

Gelju Sherpa

Gelju Sherpa is a very energetic climbing guide who lives in Solukhumbu district. He has 21 years experience in this field. Like many, he started his career as a porter and kitchen boy. He got a promotion as an assistant guide due to his dedication and hard work. He is fluent in English.Now, at 41 years of age, he loves to share his knowledge and experience with new comers.

He has successfully scaled several of the highest mountain peaks in Nepal. He is a climbing guide licensed by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).He is experienced in teaching others the climbing techniques they will need to achieve their dream safely, and with minimum effort. He is among one of our experienced climbing guides of our company.

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Kanchha Sherpa[Mountaineering and Trekking Guide]

Kanchha Sherpa

A young dynamic person possessing a sound experience in the trekking and mountaineering sector, Kanchha has a special gift of collaboration and cooperation that promotes a great atmosphere among the entire group. This makes him a great asset for our company.He is passionate about exploring and experiencing the splendid scenery of remote and less visited sites. He strongly believes that nature speaks a message about how wonderful the world is; thus he is devoted to preserving nature. Besides this, he also is very experienced in organizing exclusive tours in Tibet.

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Mingmar Dorji Sherpa[Mountaineering and Trekking Guide]

Mingmar Dorji Sherpa

Mingmar is a very responsible and professional trekking and mountaineering guide. He started working in this industry at the age of eighteen as a porter, and a couple of years later became a trekking guide. He was brought up in the lap of Himalayas, so no one is more informed about the mountains, local people and culture and flora and fauna than he is.He has six years experience a certified licensed guide, and has taken the necessary training. He is concerned about the environment and committed to protecting the environment in Nepal. He loves meeting people from across the globe.

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Gelzen Sherpa[Trekking guide]

Gelzen Sherpa

He is one of our good trekking guides. Trekking guides have a great role in making the trek a success. His cheerful face and friendly service will make you forget how tired you are on the difficult stretches of the trail.He is knowledgeable about different religions, history and culture. He speaks German and English fluently.

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Dendi Sherpa[Mountaineering guide]

Dendi  Sherpa

Dendi  Sherpa was born in Solukhumbu district of Everest region. From his early childhood, he nurtured a dream to become a good mountaineering guide and trek operator. He worked hard to make his dream come true. He is a person of dedication, passion and motivation, no matter what task he undertakes. We can fully rely on him to coordinate the daily activities of the team, so that the expedition runs smoothly.

He is also an excellent cook; he loves cooking delicious outdoor meals on the camping treks. He has been working as a trekking guide since1990, and he has taken trainings from Ministry of Tourism and trainings on first aid and altitude sickness. He gives high priority to the satisfaction of the clients.

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Dawa Sherpa[Trekking leader]

Dawa Sherpa

Mr. Dawa Sherpa, with over 25 years of expertise in this field, has been serving for our company since the year 2010. He is one of our oldest employees and aims to provide assistance of superior grade. Trained by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism, he has acquired a substantial amount of experience in the field of trekking. He efficiently commences trips and is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients.

With a good command over the English language and effective communication, he assures a pleasant journey towards your destination. He bears a sound knowledge of local areas and under his leadership; your holidays are made easy and memorable

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Tashi Sherpa[Trekking Guide]

Tashi Sherpa

Mr.Tashi Sherpa is a young and energetic person with lots of dreams and passion for tourism industry and has been serving for our company since the year 2011. Graduated in Travel and Tourism from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management, he is growing as a trekking guide and a better tourism professional for new product and destination development. He efficiently commences trips and is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients.

With an excellent command over the English language and effective communication, he assures a pleasant journey towards your destination. He bears a sound knowledge of local areas, culture, traditions and under his leadership your trip in Nepal are made easy, enjoyable and memorable.

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