Typical Day on a Tea House Trek

A Typical Trekking Day:

A typical trekking day starts early in the morning after a hearty breakfast. The idea is to take advantage of beautiful clear views and the cooler morning temperatures. It’s also the busiest time of day in the rural areas, as everyone goes about their chores.

Most of the distance is covered before we stop for lunch. After a rest, the afternoon walk is relatively short and leisurely. We usually arrive at our destination fairly early. After relaxing with a cup of tea we spend the late afternoon in exploring the area, doing a bit of washing or enjoying a book. With all the exercise and fresh air some people are ready to retire after dinner and others chat or play cards for a while.

The Itinerary:

Your itinerary has been planned based on the time needed to adapt to elevation changes and our experience with other groups. Rest days are carefully scheduled to provide a chance to acclimatize. 

Please be mentally prepared to be flexible, as there are many reasons that demand changes in the plans. Our guests’ health and safety always takes precedence over keeping to the itinerary. It is important to communicate any difficulties you experience with your guide as your well-being is more important than sticking to the itinerary. Your guide will also consider your interests as it’s important that the trek is enjoyable, with time to stop and soak up the beautiful surroundings and take photos and to move at a comfortable speed.