Three High Pass Trek in the Khumbu region of Nepal

My husband and I along with 6 friends did this trek. Annapurna Foothill trekking company arranged the trek for us. We had three guides and 5 porters. There were three very distinct hiking speeds in our group which required more logistics than most trekking groups I am sure. We also had a delay in our luggage which had to be managed by the company. We also had 2 members who had to leave early for health reasons. We had one member who also climbed a trekking peak.

I was impressed at how our head guide handled all of these events and problems without interfering with the progress of our trek. Those of us who could manage the three passes were able to and those who couldn’t were also taken care of well. 

It was generally a very beautiful and challenging trek. 

Annapurna Foothills trekking company did everything in its power to make this trek a success.