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Facts About Nepal

Nepal is an exciting land of contrasts and extremes. This tiny mountain land is packed with diversity of climate, terrain, ethnicity and culture. From humid tropical forests to rugged Himalayan peaks, its rich natural beauty, scenic splendor and cultural heritage entices an increasing number of tourists each year, including climbers, trekkers, wildlife enthusiasts or connoisseurs of ancient…

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Helpful Tips

Nepalese people are traditionally warm and friendly and treat foreigners with a mixture of curiosity and respect. Most Nepalese speak at least some English, though smiles and gestures work well where language is a barrier.? Learning a few Nepali phrases can be a great way of winning their hearts and smiles. The culture of…

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Festivals in Nepal

Nepal's identity is not confined to mountains alone. It is equally famous for its different festivals too. Nepalese celebrate more than 50 festivals around the year. National holidays have fixed dates but religious festivals are celebrated according to the Bikram Sambat lunar calendar. Dashain Festival Dashain is the longest…

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Choosing a Trek

Choosing a trek can be confusing when there are so many wonderful options! There are treks for every age and fitness level and tours for those who want to see the country without roughing it. There are treks from a few days in length, to a few weeks. There are easy treks and treks that require basic…

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Tea House Trek

Along the popular trekking trails in the Annapurna, Everest, Langtang/Helambu regions charming family-run lodges provide simple rooms and good food which most trekkers thoroughly enjoy. Traditionally, tea houses, or chai bhati, were used by the local Nepalese on journeys through the mountains. Tea house treking not only supports the livelihood of the mountain people, but is a…

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Camping Trek

Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expeditions take pleasure to introduce our clients to exciting far-flung areas that remain unaffected by modernization and tourism. In such remote places there are no tea house/lodges on the trail, so a full-serviced camping trek is the only option. These treks are a chance to travel back in time. In…

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Grades of Difficulty

Careful selection of your trip maximizes your enjoyment, safety and successful completion. Study the gradings carefully to make sure you choose the trip which will challenge you, without putting you (as well as other members of the team including your guide) at undue risk. Trekking Grades To assist you in choosing…

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Altitude Advice

Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expeditions go to great lengths to maintain the highest standards of safety. Your health and happiness are our greatest concern. One of the questions we are most frequently asked relates to acute mountain sickness (AMS) otherwise known as altitude sickness. Our guides are all trained in first aid and carry first aid supplies with…

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Trekking Seasons

The traditional trekking season in Nepal is from October to May, with October and November generally recognize as having the best weather for trekking. There are four seasons in Nepal. Each season has its distinct attraction to offer. The seasons are classified as follows: Autumn (September-November) This season offers excellent weather…

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Trekking Permits & Fees

Trekking Permit To trek in any part of Nepal, a trekking permit is required. The normal visa is only valid for the towns and the places reachable by road. All trekkers require a trekking permit to visit Nepal’s interior regions, which are not connected by highways.Recently the Annapurna, Langtang and Everest regions have been…

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Group Size

Our fixed departure treks are ideal for single travelers or small groups, who are interested in being part of a larger group. Fixed departure treks are a great way to make new friends from various countries and share in the enriching experience of discovering the beauty of Nepal together. If our fixed departure date is not suitable…

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Things to Do in Nepal

Nepal is so famous for trekking and mountain climbing in the Himalayas that some people haven't even heard about the rich culture heritage and the dense jungles full of wildlife? We recommend? you allow some extra days at the beginning or end of your journey to go on a wildlife safari, a cultural sight-seeing tour or go…

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Tips for Tipping

Tipping is not a universal custom, and not everyone is comfortable with it. We hope this short explanation will help to clarify your queries of tipping while you travel in Nepal. In Kathmandu (or any other major city) most restaurants and hotels have included the service charge in the bill, so it is not…

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Customized Service Packages

As an alternative to our Full Service treks, Annapurna Foothills Treks offers you Customized Service packages which allow you to reduce services (and costs) that you feel you don’t need. A full service package takes care of everything from the time of your arrival in Nepal, and every step of the way until your departure. A full service…

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Visa Information

Passport and Visa Requirements All foreigners require a visa for entry into Nepal (except Indian nationals). It is your responsibility to obtain the entry visa. You can get one from a Nepalese embassy overseas or on arrival in Nepal. Most people will obtain their visa on arrival to Kathmandu airport. The following fees are applicable depending…

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Travel Insurance

Nepal is one of the most popular destinations across the globe for the adventure activities such as trekking, climbing, hiking, expeditions, and many more and some of those places are established naturally in inaccessible parts of Nepal in the Himalayas. Being a great travel destination, Nepal attracts many travelers every year and thousands of people travel Nepal every…

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Medical Kit Information

Trekking is an extremely satisfying outdoor activity but it does have its fare cut of physical danger. The uncertain trekker must always be prepared for any adversities that they could face even while walking through the easiest trails. While preparing your medical kit, take care that you do not increase the weight of the kit due to too…

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Personal Climbing Equipment and Gear List

  “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Alfred Wainwright     Climbing a mountain in the Himalaya of Nepal is always a remarkable experience. Either it is a Trek to one of the base camps, or climbing a 6000 m or a 7000 m or the highest peaks in the Himalaya, one thing that…

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How we meet at Airport ?

  Meeting someone new at the airport is fun and exciting. We've all thought about it while waiting for our flight. It's a bit of adventure that adds spice to your everyday life. In Nepal, Tribhuvan airport is the only means of transportation that connects our valued clients to us as Tribhuvan airport is the only international airport in Nepal…

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