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Mera Peak Expedition

A friend and I successfully summited Mera Peak in Oct 2017 with the help of Annapurna Foothills Treks & Expedition. They are a great team, well organised, super friendly and very importantly; reliable. Should we try to summit another mountain in Nepal in the future, we will surely look for their services ones more.


Annapurna Trek: Every Detail, Every Aspect of Care, Every Follow Through was More Than Expected !!

The Annapurna Circuit was amazing! And, it was made amazing by the owner Ngima, our Guide Dawa, and our Porter Passang. This team was gave us amazing, care. Our accommodations were top notch based on what is available on this trek, and Dawa was incredibly generous with his care for us along the trail. Clearly, he was looked upon as the leader of guides by other guides we ran across on the trek. Each of the other guides looked up to him as the one who had the answers and advice on how to care for their clients. Dawa demonstrated humility as well as leadership in all he did. As we walked through villages, Dawa was always greeted by people who knew him, and I was immediately aware there was a relationship there. 

At all times we felt safe and also it was a space we could courageously find fulfilling adventure. Dawa took us through areas that were more remote, unique and special. He knew the routes that would challenge us and at the same time be rewarding. At the end of the day, he made sure we were comfortable, content and at peace.

Dawa's laugh was infectious in a good way. Every time he spoke it would bring a smile to my face. He is authentic and genuine. He demonstrates this by how he speaks of his family and the love he has for them. This man is genuine, his character is authentic. I trust him.

At the beginning and at the end, Ngima was always there to answer our questions, make sure we are in the right place at the right time and seamlessly transitioning from our home airport to our new place of stay in Kathmandu upon arrival. No detail was missed. He communicated with us before the trip with clear kindness and thoroughness. He pointed out details I could easily have missed. I never felt I was bothering him if I had a question to ask. He always answered within 12 hours (if there was a delay it was because of the time difference). 

We travelled at the beginning of October and I found I packed too much. Plan to wash your clothing you have on at the end of the day. It will dry the next day while you are wearing your second set of clothes. That would be my rule of thumb. The peak was the coldest day (Thorong Pass). You need layers and gloves for this day. Otherwise, a down jacket and long sleeves are enough for other days. Again, keep in mind, you clothing will dry by the end of the next day if you wash them each evening. 

Bring altitude sickness tablets. Take them! Just in case! Every day someone is not able to make it to the pass. Just humble yourself and take the tablets. You will enjoy the trip so much more and that's worth any side affects.

Lose yourself. Don't set any expectations, just relax, let go and make the most of who you are and who you discover you really are. There is so much beauty to join and realize that's what you are there for. It's a very different world and it is a blessing to join it. 

Fall in love with the people and let them love you.


Island Peak 2017

We booked our Island Peak Summit trip with Annapurna Foothills in October 2017. We met our guide in Chukhung and hiked up to Island Base Camp and then 1 days later further up to Island Peak. Our whole group consisting of 4 people made it on top of Island Peak. The trip was very well planned and organised. Everything went according to plan. Thank you again Ngima and Ngawa for this great experience. We'll come back for our 7000m challenge !!


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