• Duration:6 Hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Max. Altitude: 1350m
  • Group Size: 1-12
  • Activity: Sightseeing
  • Pick Up: Hotel Lobby

About Outer Edges of Kathmandu

The Outer Edges of Kathmandu is a one-day tour packed with fascinating places to visit and things to see. Watch ancient sacrifice rituals at a temple, visit a village where saints have received enlightenment and see the rock that was cut by a goddess to drain the water from the Kathmandu Valley. Enjoy medieval art and architecture in the streets of ancient Newari settlement of Kirtipur.

Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expeditions will pick you up from your hotel at 9:30am and drop you off at 4 pm. We provide an excellent local tour guide who is knowledgeable about the city and its history. Our vehicles are air-conditioned, comfortable and driven by expert drivers.

Dakshin Kali
Dakshin Kali Temple is hidden deep in a lush green valley 22 kilometers south of Kathmandu. In Nepali, Dakshin means South and Kali is the name of the Hindu goddess, so this temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali, of the South. It is especially crowded on Tuesdays and Saturdays when animal sacrifices are offered to the deity who, according to legend killed a demon and drank the fresh blood of animals. Till this day people worship this goddess by offering the blood of roosters or male goats in hopes that Kali will give them power to succeed and their wishes will be fulfilled. It is fascinating to see the rituals of worship at this well preserved temple which was built during 17th century. The unique environment at Dakshin Kali stimulates the senses; as you walk down the long staircase to the temple you are surrounded by green hills around you, temple bells ringing, ladies dressed in red and the ancient ritual of blood sacrifice.

At the time when Kathmandu Valley was still a lake, the hillside village of Pharping was a Newari Kingdom with 48,000 people. The Newari heritage is still alive; Newari architecture, language and culture remain dominant though it is presently a mixed community of many castes and tribes. Pharping is a spiritual center for both Hindus and Buddhists. An elaborate temple from the 17th century houses a gilded image of Goddess Bajra Jogini. It's said that Great Hindu and Buddhist Gurus have been enlightened in Pharping. A large Buddhist monastery is an attraction for Buddhist pilgrims. There is a hand-print of the Buddhist saint Padmasambhav on the rock face over the entrance of an Asura cave where he is said to have attained enlightenment. Pharping has very pleasant environment with green forests above it and agriculture land below.

On the way back, we stop at Chobhar, a deep gorge. Legend has it that the Kathmandu Valley was once a lake. Goddess Bodhisatva Manjushree made a cut in the rock at Chobhar which allowed the water to drain out the Kathmandu Valley. The gorge is spanned by an old suspension bridge from where you can get a good view into the deep chasm.

The ancient Newari village of Kirtipur sits on a beautiful hill on the southern border of Kathmandu. The brick-paved streets and traditional red brick houses and temple squares with their tiled roofs make it unique. The Chilamchu Stupa and the temple of Bagh Bhairav Temple are major attractions here. The large Governmental Tribhuvan University is located at the foot of Kirtpur hill.

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What's Included

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What’s Excluded

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