Experience one of the most remote places on Earth with us – the Kingdom of Lo, which lies to the north of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges in Mustang.This region was initially part of the Western Tibetan region of Ngari, which means forbidden. A fitting name since Upper Mustang remained closed to all outside visitors until 1992. 

The trail into the lost kingdom of Lo Manthang follows the Kali Gandaki River up into Mustang on the Tibetan plateau where you find some of the most exquisite scenery and culture in the world. Due to its geographical proximity and ancient ties with Tibet, Tibetan Buddhist lifestyles, religion, art, and culture remain intact.

Lo flourished as an independent kingdom during the 15th century due to the salt trade. This prosperous period of its history is still manifest by the magnificent monasteries, palaces, and the remains of massive fortresses known as dzong. After the decline of the salt trade, the traditionally migratory inhabitants returned to agriculture and animal husbandry as a means of subsistence. And since then, time seems to have stood still.

Deep canyons filled with an array of unusual rock formations and ancient Tibetan Buddhist cave murals dating back thousands of years, are remnants of civilizations who survived this harsh region thousands of years ago.   

Intrepid travelers have been captivated by the remoteness of Upper Mustang for centuries. But it is only since 1992 that visitors were allowed to enter, with a rather pricy permit which is meant to limit the numbers of travelers and preserve the unique heritages of the area.