To our valued guests,

Now that you have chosen to travel with Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expedition, you can rest assured that you will be well looked after.

I started this company with the intention of providing high quality services at reasonable prices and feel proud of our success. Although there is a surplus of trekking agencies in Nepal, we are pleased to be able to say, there are very few who can compete with us in value for the money.

I believe honesty is always the best policy, even in business. There is nothing worse than getting nasty surprises that your package doesn’t include everything you expected and that you suddenly need to re-budget for the unexpected expenses.I also believe in taking care of my team so the experience they gain stays in the company and they remain motivated to provide excellent service to our guests. 

While we are committed to the safety and satisfaction of our guests, we also are determined that our tour and trekking packages should support rural communities without having a negative impact on their environment, culture and heritage.

Our whole team, including me, belongs to the Sherpa community native to the Himalayan region. Sherpa people are known as honest and hard-working ones. Having grown up in the lap of these mountains, we are the second generation making our livelihood from tourism and enjoy our work. Not only are we familiar with the region, we understand the needs of tourists and deal with them accordingly.

With that being said, Please feel free to contact us through phone, email or visit our office in person. Allow us to help you explore and experience the magnificent natural beauty, culture, myths and legends of our Himalayan land.

With the hope of meeting you soon.

Ngima Nuru Sherpa

Managing Director

Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expedition