In Nepal, one can look for diverse and unique travel experiences. Soft adventure in Nepal refers to experiencing a little bit of everything in Nepal. One can experience multiple soft adventures at a go in Nepal. Travelers don’t require any special training or program as it is not a demanding physically trip. All you need is a desire to travel, explore, experience and enjoy your stay in Nepal. Soft adventures in Nepal is a perfect blend of activities such as sightseeing, day tour, visit to temples, world heritage sites, jungle safari, cultural walk, boat tours, day hiking, short trekking, and a lifetime experience of Everest or Annapurna Mountain Flight .. to refer to only a few.

Undoubtedly, Nepal offers a wide array of world class travel experiences as the country extends from the great Himalaya ranges to flatlands and jungles, wildlife of sub tropical Terai region. Soft adventures are easy to moderate trekking and hiking experiences in Nepal. Whether you like to have just a day hike and relax in the cozy tea houses of the mountains or stretch out your legs for short treks in foothills of the splendid villages that gives you the glimpse of life in rural Nepal; we have them all.

You can choose the activities based on your preferred interest, walking pace, holiday period and the itineraries are designed to get to know the real Nepal, explore as much as possible during your stay in Nepal. These adventures are perfect for travelers who are looking forward to explore more of Nepal beyond mountains or cities. The multiple adventures offered will be one of your best experiences of a lifetime indeed the stories and memories you would love to share with your loved ones. Fulfilling your wishes will be our delighted satisfaction.

If you wish your own customized itinerary, then we are totally flexible. Just let us know which destinations and activities you would like to have in your itinerary. We will design the perfect trip for you in Nepal.