Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expedition believes that amid the hordes of travel service providers, our company policy sets us apart and, we believe, hold the secret of our success. It is unfortunate that some of our policies mentioned below, which you may assume are a given and so basic, are all too rare in the trekking industry in Nepal.

Guest First: We care about your needs, limitations and preferences. We take your safety seriously. Our guides are well trained in the risks associated with high altitude and carry safety first aid equipment.

Honesty: We take pride in honesty. Our promises are reliable, our prices are reasonable. There are no hidden or unexpected costs in our agreements.The cost of the package will cover everything listed in the package. When we say meals are included, we mean you can eat as much as you like without being charged for extra items.

Satisfaction of Support Staff: We provide fair working conditions for our valuable support staff. We believe that only staff who are appreciated and have reasonable working conditions will be able to support clients properly. Our support staff, including guides, cooks, and porters, are well paid and receive salary on time.They have full insurance coverage. We provide all the equipment they require to do their job safely and comfortably. We strictly enforce the 25 KG weight limit for our porters’ loads and make sure they have appropriate clothing for the trip.

Sustainable Tourism: Nepal has a storehouse of natural and cultural riches that has been drawing an increasing number of tourists each year. While we are grateful for the economic benefits of tourism we cannot lose sight of its impact. In the past, extremely poor villagers, desperate for immediate financial benefit, gave little thought to the long term impact of deforestation and pollution.While many remote areas are financially dependent on seasonal tourism, please remember they are vulnerable to opportunities of short term profit. We request your commitment to follow/promote/teach eco-friendly practices wherever you go.

Complaints are taken seriously: First of all, we are fully committed to create an environment where there will be no cause to complain. However, your complaints are welcomed as they give us opportunity to learn and improve our services. Please let us know if you are disappointed in any aspect of our service immediately, as we want to ensure you leave with only good memories.