Most people know Nepal as the land of Mount Everest. But, did you know that you could go on a jungle safari in dense rain forests of Nepal? The jungles of Nepal were at one time luxurious hunting grounds for the feudal lords of India and Nepal to hunt tigers, leopards, rhinoceroses and sloth bears. Luckily, the hunting stopped and a wildlife safari in this protected area is sure to bring spotting of an interesting array of animals and birds.

The culture of Nepal is just as multi-dimensional as its landscape, positioned between powerful neighboring countries of China and India. Ancient history is interwoven with mythology and Hindu legend. Its chronology recounts grand kingdoms, invasions, conquests and encroachment from every side, resulting in the present day unique mosaic of caste, tribes and ethnic groups with their rich cultures manifested in their distinct traditions, languages, religions, festivals, music, dance, art and food.

All Nepalese share a common culture of greeting guests with warmth and hospitality.  “A guest is a god” is a centuries old belief that served well in the days when guests could not announce their arrival in advance. This concept applies to tourists as well, making Nepal a destination that draws many people back for repeat visits as visiting Nepal once is not enough..

Many areas of Nepal remain isolated, allowing you to travel back in time to the simple ways of life before machinery and technology entered our lives.The simplicity and innocence of people living in these remote areas, combined with their dauntless strength to live in such harsh conditions is extraordinary.

Offering quality service  is our top priority. Beautiful surroundings are not enough to make a fantastic holiday. It requires good planning, management and security. We never compromise with these crucial components. Our tours allow you to to explore beautiful peaks, religious places and unique life style of the people with traditional culture and values.