Nepal is a trekkers paradise with something for everyone.  Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expeditions takes pride in sharing our beautiful land with people from all around the world.  Nepal’s natural beauty is abundant and diverse, covering a region from the flat fertile plains of the south to the lofty Himalayas in the north. The culture is equally diverse, a beautiful mosaic of different caste, ethnicities, religions and traditions.

We will make sure your time in Nepal is a wonderful adventure. We will design the trek to suit your time frame, your fitness level, your comfort level, interests and preferences. We cater to people of all ages whether travelling alone or in a group. We arrange treks of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. While some travelers prefer comforts and conveniences others are ready to rough it and we are ready to understand what you like and make it happen.

Annapurna Foothills Treks and Expeditions has earned its excellent reputation in the trekking industry by providing high quality service at a reasonable price. Our Nepal-based company finds ways to cut overhead costs to provide you a reasonably priced package, but at the same time we never compromise with our principle of quality service. Quality service comes from staff who are appreciated and rewarded for their work. You will find our staff motivated and concerned about your satisfaction.

Let us help you have the adventure of a lifetime in the foothills of the Himalaya and explore the religion, lifestyle, traditions, culture and values of the people who live in our beautiful land.

Trekking in Restricted Areas:
A number of areas of Nepal have restricted the number of foreign visitors who can enter. In some cases it is because it is a sensitive border region, and in other cases it is an effort to preserve the environment and culture of the region. This means you must travel with a government registered company in a group of at least two members plus necessary support staff. There will be a fixed permit fee for the area, itinerary, time duration and team members. Areas such as Upper Mustang, Dolpo ( Upper and Lower) , Manalsu, Tsum Valley, Nar Phu etc are under it. 

Newly Opened Trekking Routes:
For more adventurous trekkers Nepal has many regions that are largely unexplored. This is where you will experience the authentic culture and traditions of the people of remote areas that are still largely cut off from the influences of the modern world. Lifestyle in these isolated villages has changed little over the past centuries. Life is hard for the villagers of these remote parts. The exquisite beauty of these pristine lands is equaled by the harshness of nature.

Most treks on these newly opened routes are self sufficient camping treks equipped with camping equipment, food and camping crew as there is no infrastructure for tourists and no surplus food for travelers.

Besides trekking, other popular activities in Nepal includes city tours, wild life safaris, rafting, climbing, mountaineering and cultural sightseeing. For those who are keen to broaden their trekking experience, you may want to consider a peak climbing expedition.