Tibetan Buddhism Volunteer Package- 36 Days

Nepal is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world with diverse landscapes ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to low-lying Terai regions. There are several ethnic groups living in harmony across Nepal with over 105 languages or dialects and a wide range of traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year.  

Statistically, Nepal is considered one of the poorest countries in the world with 26% living on less than US$240 per year.  Socially and economically, communities are less developed due to the gender imbalance, their geographical isolation, low rates of literacy and high rates of poverty.  

At any stage throughout their childhood, children can be called upon to contribute to the family income which denies them a thorough and complete education.  Some do not attend school at all.  Some walk for up to three hours a day in rain, snow and heat in a physically demanding environment.  Even the government of Nepal is frequently unable to provide these facilities forcing both urban and rural areas to live without resources that might otherwise facilitate community growth and development and increase the living standards for average families.


Taksindu is a small village in the heart of Solu Khumbu, Nepal.  Sitting at around 2,800m it is about six hours drive from Kathmandu.  It is accessible by road for most of the year and by foot during monsoon. 

In 1942 a Tibetan Buddhism Institute called “TAKGON SHEDDRUP THARLING” was established in Taksindu.  Today, it is a thriving institution proving Buddhist education to 53 monks.  The Nepali government does not fund any part of the school; therefore salaries for the three teachers are raised via fundraising.  The monks receive Buddhist instruction as well as some English instruction; however it is not enough to provide the monks with a solid language education.  

In 2016, Mr Ngima Nuru Sherpa, who is life member and donor to TAKGON SHEDDRUP THARLING, met an Australian tourist in Kathmandu who volunteered to live and work in the monastery teaching English for one month.  The benefits to the monks in such a short space of time were so substantial that a program was established to provide similar opportunities to other native English speakers.  In exchange, the Australian tourist was rewarded three fold with the opportunity to contribute to the monk's education as well as participate in the monastery's rich cultural life.

This volunteer program not only brings English education to the monks, it also brings valuable new resources, ideas and cultural exchange.  Through its English program, the monastery is assisting the next generation of monks to integrate into the wider Nepalese society as well as the global community.  The knock on effect is the benefit to the villagers and the families of the monks, all of whom are from the Solu Khumbu district.  It is only through education and exposure to the wider world that living standards in Nepal will increase.

Volunteers do not need to be trained teachers, though these are highly prized; you simply need an open heart, some creativity and a desire to build the confidence and skill level of these novice English speakers.  

Teaching these young men is an incredibly rewarding assignment and these young men are hungry for what your presence will bring. You will open hearts and minds to ideas of life beyond this small corner of the world whilst also helping to build a lifelong skill. Teaching the students and inspiring the teachers with new methods will ensure you leave your legacy in Taksindu.  


Day 1 : Drive to Phaplu

Day 2 : Trek to Taksindu

Day 3 : Introduction and preparation day

Day 4 : 4 - 34 Commence Class

Day 35 : Happy departure from Taksindu and Trek to Phaplu

Day 36 : Drive to Kathmandu

Cost Include(s)

- Transportation will be arranged to and from Kathmandu at the volunteer’s.

- During monsoon,a porter and guide will be arranged for the four hour walk from Phaplu to Taksindu


TAKGON SHEDDRUP THARLING Institute will provide the following at no cost to the volunteer;

- When available, a private room including bedding in the monastery

- If a private room is not available at the time, a tent with bedding will be provided on the monastery grounds

- Access to shared bathroom facilities

- Three meals a day to be taken in the monastery's dining room with the students

- Access to Wi-Fi (small amount to be charged)


Volunteers may wish to fund their own meals and/or accommodation in one of three guest houses situated at the entrance to the monastery.

Trip Facts

Destination : Nepal

Duration : 36 Days

Price : On Request

Trip Grade : Easy

Max. Altitude:2800 m

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