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Nepal is a land of heady mixture of unique cultures where foreigners can revitalize their mind, body and soul in a simply knock out with age-old traditional hospitality.

It is a home of 107 ethnic groups' diversified religions, cultures, languages and life-styles that exist in harmony.

Ethnic castes, festivals, social activities, traditional values show that Nepal is rich in cultural heritage and festivities that are dynamic and enthralling for foreigners.

A small nation Nepal is sandwiched between two giant and populous nations China and India. It is spread at 885 km from east to west and 241 km in wide from north to south. It rises from 70 meters from sea level to 8,848 meters high up to the Mt. Everest.

About Hewa Socio-Cultural Community (HSCC)


Hewa Socio-Cultural Community (HSCC) is a community based not-profit-making organization led by Sherpa people. This organization was started by the like-minded youth who wanted to do something for their community people. It was established in 2014 with the vision to develop Hewa as a model village. It aims at preserving the local environment for the upcoming generation and imparts knowledge on the sustainable use of local resources. Through this organization, we also envision to educate all kids and engage every household in income generating activities. This community is beyond the reach of quality education, health access and government services of course.

There are several people across the globe who wishes to contribute in the well being underprivileged and ethnic community. We do believe in human virtues like honesty, friendship and brotherhood. There are many challenges to be tackled like poverty, inadequate health services, poor quality education, degrading human rights situation et al. There are several NGOs and INGOs working in these fields, but they are not effective enough. The resources are being misused for the personal interest and gain. Therefore, we request all to join hands in our humanitarian work that benefits the masses, not an individual.


To develop Hewa as a model village


A village where the environment is clean, where every kid goes to school and every household engage in economic activities


The major objectives of this organization are as follows;

  • To build a public party palace and preserve the green forest
  • To build a public party kitchen
  • To build a public toilet both for ladies and gents
  • To promote community development by preserving thy traditional way of life
  • To improve the social, economic and educational status of the Sherpa tribes

HSCC basically focuses on building public party palace, kitchen and toilets. These three are quite important issues for the local community. There are around 60 household living in the village. The forest is being destroyed by the people while celebrating festivities. Few well off people have big houses with enough space to gather relatives in the festivals. But it is too complicated for poor people. Therefore, we proposed to build a public party palace, kitchen and toilet. This act is likely to preserve the environment as well. The families stay at small houses but while celebrating any function everyone goes to party palace.

We are concerned about the education of poor kids. Currently, there is a primary school in the village. Nevertheless, there are not adequate teachers. The small fund is raised from every student to give salary to the teachers. Therefore, our immediate future plan is to establish a secondary level school in the same village so that students don’t have to walk two hours to reach nearest secondary school in the next village. It takes another two hours while returning. This is how we got education. And we don’t want it to happen to our kids. Therefore, we are looking for fund to expand present primary schools up to secondary level first and then manage a fund to pay for the teachers. 

Tashi Sherpa

Tashi Sherpa